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Morris Insurance Services carries a complete line of Health, Life and Accident products. Whether you are shopping for individual or family health plans, or a group health plan - we have the right product for you.

Morris Insurance Services is proud to be a partner with many of the nation's premier insurance providers. We offer a complete selection of the finest insurance products. We represent only A++ to A- (as rated by A.M. Best Company) rated insurance companies who are recognized industry leaders.

Beware of Discount Health Plans! Discount health plans often promise huge discounts on medical care. But they are not real health insurance plans! These plans charge members a fee for a list of participating health care providers, and offer medical service discounts from hospitals and doctors. However, unlike real health insurance coverage, you are still held personally responsible for all medical bills incurred.

Discount Health Plans are not regulated by the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner's Office - so you are not covered by the usual consumer protection law if you decide to purchase one of these plans. You may have no recourse if you become involved in a dispute with a Georgia discount health care provider.

Morris Insurance Services always strives to provide you with a product that matches your specific benefit and budget requirements. We work with your best interest foremost and are standing by to assist you with your health insurance needs.

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